I’m waiting for the story that transcends the flat ethnicity paradigm and gets the deeper and more persistent question of religion and moral bearings:

How does the most religiously devout candidate in recent memory reconcile a life of religious commitment with a values-neutral approach to work, livelihood, and the marketplace?

Why does religion play an outsized role in the politics of gay marriage and contraception but apparently has no say when it comes to big-ticket items like national spending and economic policy?

That profound disconnect certainly did not originate with Romney, but it may in fact be the key to understanding how he would lead and govern.

Joanna Brooks, from her Religion Dispatches’s piece, “Romney: “A Life Balanced Between Fear and Greed”?”

Is she describing the disconnect between the spaces in which we live and the way we’ve publicly lived religion since the 60’s?

Food for thought…

(Source: beingblog)

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